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Fresh Free Range Eggs

Meet our 2016 egg operation! Chicks just came in this morning. Next year we will have 150+ laying chickens to help fill the need for eggs at the Abingdon Farmers Market. Absolutely free range, absolutely no GMO feed, and 100% delicious!
  Are you sad every time you come to market and you cant find farm fresh free range eggs? Finding it frustrating that even when trying to get there early to get what little…

Biblical Health Food Guide

Biblical Health Food Guide This is an eating guide containing an exhaustive collection of the dietary Laws that were commanded for God's people to follow so they may be a Holy peo…

Biblically Principled Sustainability

What is Biblically Principled Sustainability? If you are looking for a higher standard in regards to your diet or your agricultural practices from a Godly perspective, the modern …


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