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Our Mission Statement

We believe the modern trend of organic and sustainable agriculture that has made major mainstream strides in the past few decades is absolutely the better way to go in regards to food production.  This national response in our culture has been birthed through the revelations we’ve had of the vile practices found in the animal husbandry and land stewardship of the factory based food industry that feeds our huddled masses.

We believe that if you feel disturbed by any of the practices of the modern food industry, then it is acknowledged that there is a morality to food.  Furthermore, we believe that once it is recognized that there is a morality to food, then we bear the moral responsibility to abide by this higher authority.

The organic local food system is what we believe to be a natural response when recognizing the morality of food choice.  We believe that when we allow morality to enter into the equation and confine ourselves to working within the natural order of creation, the “law” written in our hearts tends to lend its knowledge to us when we allow it.  Little by Little our food system begins to resemble the Biblical prescription for a righteous healthy agricultural system.

While we exhort the conversion to a more organic and sustainable food system, we recognize that it too falls short of the full moral prescription found in the Bible on food.  We believe that while the modern trend towards a more natural system mirrors our moral Biblical mandate in some regards, it fails us incredibly in others.

As Christians we believe that this moral dilemma we have with our food supply is the absolute absence of Biblical morality in our animal husbandry, land stewardship, work ethic, and even our diets.  All of that coupled with the bankrupt ethics in our sciences and the economic debt usury system we have unfortunately inherited from the past century of industrial plunder on our society; we fear a day of reckoning is speeding fast upon us and organic alone will not save us.

Our mission with Goshen Homestead first and foremost is to live out our faith and seek the Father in all that we do, with our example being Christ.  Christ followed all of God’s Law 100% throughout his life and we believe that He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.  With Goshen Homestead we hope to provide an example to Christians who have grown to disregard God’s Law as archaic and antiquated and show them that you can love God and keep his commandments, and that they are not hard to keep.

Our pledge with Goshen Homestead is to produce the highest quality food our knowledge allows and provide access for any who want to share in this food.   Our study is diligent and we offer all of our discovered knowledge on the topic of food morality and Godly agriculture with all who find interest in it.  As we grow into our full potential as food producers and overcome the broken systems of this world, we hope you’ll embrace what we call Biblically Principled Sustainability as we have, and join us in the celebration of moral food choice.

May the spirit of truth guide us into knowledge, peace and grace with all that we do. Amen.


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