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Fresh Pastured Chicken at the Abingdon Farmers Market

What is our Permanent Pre-order?

For those who want fresh chickens from our chicken program, it is a first come first serve basis.  If there is a chicken available in any given batch and you lay claim to it, it is yours.  After about the second batch however the likelihood of being able to get a bird when you want it becomes extremely rare.  To ensure that you can get however many chickens you want per batch, we offer a permanent position on our preorder.  Those who have a permanent preorder carry the highest priority in our program.  It is the best way to ensure you are able to stay on the program throughout the whole season.

To join our permanent preorder, just check the box in the form below when signing up or let us know at the Abingdon Farmers Market when you sign up.  We do not have any fees associated with signing up to our preorder so signing up is easy.  The only payments made are at the time of pickup when paying for the chickens you get from each batch.

Just know that losing your spot on our preorder can be just as easy.  Due to the fact that we offer fresh chickens, it is really hard to move fresh chickens at the end of market if we have too many left from folks who did not come and pick up their birds. We are not structured to freeze and store large amounts of chicken and have no need to under normal circumstances.  Please give us at least a day's notice that you are unable to pick up your chickens so we can sell it at market or arrange other options.

We understand it could be easy to forget or get carried away with other obligations so we send out reminders the week before the chicken pick up date to offer anyone on our preorder plenty of time to give us a cancellation notice or make other arrangements. If by chance you have to cancel a pickup or make other arrangements anytime during the season and give us plenty of notice before market day, you will not be removed from our preorder.

Pick up on farm or at the Abingdon Farmers Market

Like we mentioned above, we have fresh chickens at the Abingdon Farmers Market every 4 weeks all season long starting in April through to November.  Once you have signed up on our preorder your fresh birds will be available for pickup on the season's designated Saturday markets.  You will receive an email the week before the pickup date and if we have not gotten a response from you by the end of the week we will call to verify the reminder.

If you are unable to make it to the market on the pickup day, you can stop by the farm any time during the weekend of the pickup date to pick up your birds.  If you really want your birds but cannot meet this arrangement, we can freeze your birds for you and bring them the following Tuesday or Saturday Market, but we need a notice before the pickup date for us to make the proper preparations for this option.

You can see our pickup dates for the current market season on our Calendar Page.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. First, fill out the request form below. After filling out our form you will receive a confirmation email regarding the status of your request to join our preorder. Once you have a confirmation you can pickup your chicken at the very next pick up date.  If our preorder is full you will be notified that you are on our waiting list and we will place you into the program first chance that arises.

Please be sure to check the permanent preorder option if you intend to remain on the preorder for the remainder of the season.

 Perm Preorder
 Next Available Batch

If you have any questions regarding our program, please feel free to contact us or visit us at the Abingdon Farmers Market every Saturday and Tuesday throughout the market season. You can always sign up at market too.

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Our Pastured Poultry Products

Our program offers fresh birds that are slaughtered the day before pickup.  Sometimes we have birds that are frozen from cancellations.  Always check if your not on our preorder and would like a whole chicken and you may find some to be available.  Our parted chickens are frozen and available at market with no preorder necessary. 

"Not allowed to be called Fresh" Free Range Eggs


Our eggs are from beautiful and healthy hens who have absolute free range on the farm.  Their diets consist mainly of whatever they forage on their own along with a supplement of Non-GMO grains.  They are in the fresh air all the time and have full access to refreshing spring water that flows naturally from the Clinch Mountain system we are nestled into.  There is no comparison in our opinion to the freshness, quality or health when putting our eggs against grocery chain eggs, but the law does not allow us to share that opinion on our labeling without their approval.  We invite you to come on out to the Abingdon Farmers Market and try it out for yourself and see what you think.


All of our poultry products are produced under governing Poultry Exemptions, both for eggs and meat.  Our meat birds are slaughtered on farm and are NOT inspected by the USDA.


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